Aims & Objectives


To facilitate nurture and growth the School perseveres to design a progressive curriculum that nurtures a joy for learning within the students and help them evolve to be lifelong learners. Each classroom is a platform of innovative teaching and learning methodology where the teachers aim to be facilitators and allow the natural curiosity of a child to take shape and bloom. Creativity, best global practices and a dynamic pedagogy are the mantras that channel the School’s academia making it an enriching experience.


The School promotes education beyond classrooms with over thirty Co-Curricular activities to select from. The School continues to excel in its cultural pursuit with its students winning laurels in state and district level competitions in various disciplines of Dance, Music, Art, Debates, science fairs, to name a few. The genius that marks these programmes is the fact that many students go on to pursue the passion they discovered during these activities, as professional career choices in their adult lives. A growing school, prides itself in being a thriving and evolving community where a student receives not just an education, but a way of life.